As a child I spent hours and hours drawing, it was one of my favorite pastimes. Growing up, I wanted to be a professional artist. When it came time to choose a path, I chose Design as it felt the most practical. After having my daughter in 2017, my passion for drawing resurfaced and I’ve steadily increased my drawing practice since. It started with one concept book, and then grew to three. I’m now actively working on illustrating my own narrative manuscripts. I aspire to be a published children’s picture book author-illustrator.

In 2020, I immersed myself in macro photography. I’ve become fascinated by small details that could easily go missed: water droplets on blades of grass, flowers or spiderwebs, and dragonflies that land for brief moments. My five-year old, family, friends, and mini Shnauzer/Border collie “Schnollie” pup are constant sources of inspiration.

Trained as a Graphic Designer, I have a strong relationship with composition, color and movement. I work in branding for Pokémon, and value the importance of message, consistency, and nuance. I strive to bring a playful tone to my work that feels elevated and whimsical. I love working with color, and articulating moments that evoke curiosity and compassion.

I’m currently seeking representation and most interested in illustrating picture books, young adult, book covers, children’s magazines and editorials. It’s my goal to traditionally publish my artwork and one of my illustrated manuscripts. Please email me if you’d like to discuss my creative work and future collaboration.

Thank you!